Time stands still when I'm holding a video camera. To be able to capture a moment in time and have it last forever is the best feeling in the world.

- Jennifer Selinger

I capture human interest stories from all over the world with hopes to leaving people feeling inspired.

Everyone has a story. Follow me as I embark this journey finding people from across the world with a story to share while covering top hotels and restaurants as I travel, with hopes to leaving people feeling inspired.

I am a travel visual journalist, TV host, videographer, photographer, producer, interviewer, editor, researcher, and inspirational speaker.

Whether I'm in front of the camera or behind - My true passion stems from holding a microphone and interacting with others using my signature, outgoing brand of razor-sharp commentary crossed with my pure love for humanity.

Finding stories is my niche and sharing people’s influential stories through visual storytelling and positive news channels has become a big part of my life. My mission is to spread awareness on worldly issues by finding truth and capturing moments in time that will last forever through film and photography.